The Team

Eran Siboni

Eran came to us after working at several restaurants in Northern Israel.
He brings with him plenty of chef’s knives and lots of love. He cooks with passion,
stirring pots and pans and creating magical meals. Eran runs our main kitchen with
endless patience.

He is blessed with amazing hands, has the ability to create sensational meals and pays
attention to the smallest details.

The Team

Eli Goldblatt

Eli is full of adrenaline, he doesn’t rest, even for a second. Eli came to us from
Jerusalem and he runs a meticulous and passionate kitchen. In his free time, he raises
an amazing child and a group of chickens.

The Team

Neta Ido

Neta is the link between us all. She provides service to the client and follows the event
through from the first step and up until the big day.

Neta says that there is nothing like a phone call from a client after their event – it makes
her smile from ear to ear all day long. Neta is an angel.

The Team

Liad Shmueli

Liad has been with us for 6 years, which have been full of enjoyment! He is unbelievably
organized and nothing gets past him. Liad is responsible for all details and preparations,
and is in charge of creating the most wonderful events.

The Team

Ayelet Cohen

Our dear partner from Bussa – Ayelet. Ayelet studied in Israel and overseas, and
started her career in Carmel Forest Spa Resort, worked at private bakeries and as a
pastry chef in countless restaurants. She was also the pastry chef for two years at Sushi
Samba, chef Nitzan Raz’s restaurant. Then she joined us at Maasia.

Ayelet loves the opportunity to create new desserts, which join the other amazing
desserts at Maasia. She enjoys the compliments paid to her over her desserts.

The Team

Mike Ilan

Mike joined Maasia in 2006. He studied food and beverage management and logistics
in the U.S and Israel (New York, David-Z, Fedex Israel).
Mike is responsible for the logistics of Maasia catering.
Mike is incredibly professional, caring and has great energy.

The Team

Iftach Shelef

Iftach is a marine biologist (really!) who has worked with us for several years.
Iftach oversees event production and keeps the flavors on point, just how they were

Iftach is full of charm, and brings to the table quality, precision and calmness.

The Team

Haim Sabag

Haim established Maasia in 2004, after studying in Israel and in different restaurants in
Israel and overseas (Yoezer wine bar, Jaffa – cook; Liberty Launch – Sydney, sous-
chef; Sugar Loof, Sydney – chef; Bar-celona, Tel Aviv – chef).
Haim plans the menus and events. The kitchen, managed by Haim, is characterized by
modern Mediterranean cuisine, influenced by Italian, Greek, Spanish and French
cuisines. Haim is uncompromising in regards to food quality, presentation and service.
Haim is generous, curious, passionate and creative.

The Team

Aviram Maya

Aviram has worked in the business, producing and managing events for over 10 years.
Aviram believes that meticulous planning is the basis for a perfect event, therefore he
patiently supports our clients and assists them throughout the whole process.
Aviram is a true professional, he is kind-hearted, dedicated, responsible and a good