Event gallery

We love producing events. The equipment comes down from the truck, beads of sweat, we set up an oven, connecting it to the gas, working stations are loaded with food products, the kitchen is built, and everything slowly falls into place. The fire is lit, knives are taken out, vegetables get sliced, someone kneads dough. Meat is taken out, fish are cleaned, there is an air of excitement. Outside, there are serving stations being set up, copper pots and pans getting cleaned, tablecloths put on the tables, we go over the schedule again, cups are polished, vegetables come out of the kitchen, waiting patiently to be set up on the stations.

There is a long briefing, we go over the main points, put on our jackets, button up our shirts, tie on our aprons, it begins in just a minute – concentration is at its high, we go over everything again, each person has their job and here it goes. Guests come in, drinks are poured, appetizers circle between guests, the show is starting, each night it has to look like the only time – as it is in life.